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About Public Consulting Group

About Public Consulting Group

About us

Supracare has been developed by Public Consulting Group (PCG) in partnership with itCraft.

PCG provides industry-leading management consulting and web-based solutions to help public, private and voluntary sector organisations achieve their performance goals and deliver better outcomes for people. It combines its resources and expertise from these areas to offer a multidisciplinary approach to solving client challenges.

PCG has a rapidly growing presence in the UK and in Europe. Originally established in 1986, PCG generates revenues in excess of $220 million per annum. Its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts and it has extensive experience in all 50 states of America and clients in six Canadian provinces.

PCG’s operations in the UK also include:

PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions providing software solutions and expert assistance together with Qlikview licensing and consultancy to healthcare organisations.

PCG Care Solutions providing web-based solutions across health and social care helping organisations to meet the challenges of personalisation and new legislation.

PCG Advisory Services providing consultancy services to organisations in health, education and social care, enhancing their capacity to deliver results.

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About itCraft

itCraft is PCG’s technology partner for Supracare, responsible for technology implementation services.

itCraft specialises in software development and providing innovative and customised applications that meet the high expectations of its clients. With more than seven years’ experience in the IT market, itCraft has delivered many high profile solutions for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from those providing long-term care through to insurance companies, financial institutions and telecommunication companies.

Ensuring high client satisfaction and delivering innovative, responsive solutions are the guiding principles of itCraft’s work.