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SupraCare in Warmia and Mazury – presentation at a regional conference

PCG’s representatives were contracted by the Marshall’s Office of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Region to speak at a regional conference in Olsztyn dedicated to the policy and innovative solutions for the aging society.

Following the opening speech of the Marshall of the Region, three PCG’s Health team members delivered their presentations, including one on innovative management tools in long-term care. Magda Sochacka presented the analytical capabilities of the SupraCare system and the organizational improvements that implementation of IT solutions can bring to social care homes and other LTC centers. Good practices were presented based on the experience of the current users of the system.

Local examples of innovative solutions and best practices regarding telecare and day-care institutions for the elderly were also presented to the gathered audience, which included 150 representatives of local government units, third age universities, social welfare and health care institutions, and NGOs.

The regional public and private TV and radio stations prepared an extensive coverage of the conference including interviews with our PCG’s experts.

Telewizja Olsztyn:

TVP 3 Olsztyn

See directly on TVP 3 Olsztyn Page – 17 minute of news service.